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The CCH CPE Podcast Center gives you easy access to CCH CPE Podcasts. The CCH CPE Podcast Center features include:

  • Free Access to CCH CPE Podcasts—Listen to any of our podcasts:
    • as streaming audio
    • download the podcast to your PC or;
    • download the podcast to your MP3 player.

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  • Superior Content: Rely on CCH for comprehensive, up-to-date information that offers both practical guidance and fast answers.
  • Access to complete CCH CPE Podcast Course materials: You may view and download course components such as:
    • An Outline of the course that provides a summary of and citations for each key point, new cases and rulings, as well as charts, examples, and other valuable information related to our recorded discussion.
      • This Outline contains citations to CCH’s services, the “Standard Federal Tax Reporter,” the “Tax Research Consultant,” and the “Federal Tax Guide.”
      • Subscribers to CCH Tax Research Network will have the added capability of direct links within the Outline to the citations and course cases.

To earn CPE Credit with a CCH Podcast, enroll into the related course and complete your CPE exam online for immediate results. Plus the My Courses feature provides convenient retention and retrieval of your CPE course Certificates and completions. After enrolling into a course you will access to:

  • The Final Quizzer for this course
  • Immediate 24/7 Grading: Grading is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. After you enroll in a CCH CPE Podcast Course, submit your final exam for grading at anytime and you'll get immediate results and certification.

See Introduction for information on how use the CCH CPE Podcast Center to complete the final exams for your courses. If you are already registered with the CPE Podcast Center, go to the Course Catalog on this site to select the course you wish to complete.